Building Fishing Rods Since 1948

About Us

Since 1948, Biscayne Rod Manufacturing has been the premier manufacturer of fishing rods for deep sea, flats, inshore, rivers, streams, and lakes. We build rods in every pound and weight class for everything from trout and bass to snook, tarpon, permit, tuna, sailfish and sword fish.  We build slow action, fast action, short, long, roller, ring, one piece, multi-piece, fiberglass or graphite - you name it we build it!

The choices may be mind-boggling, but our experience has demonstrated the single most important factor in any rod is the pound class which links the angler and the fish. Without the ability to break the pound class under all your fishing conditions, the result can be a ruined fishing trip.  At Biscayne Rod our goal is to provide you with a rod that you can count on in terms of strength, deflection, capability, and durability. There are no short-cuts when building the worlds most acclaimed rods. Our personal attention is one reason our rods are the best you can buy! If you want the world's finest fishing rod, just ask anyone who has used one of our rods - you'll receive an education on how Biscayne Rods surpass the capabilities and durability of any other rod on the market. We carry dozens of standard shop models covering the various fishing circumstances. However your needs may be unique so we allow you top customize your rod options by changing the color, lengths, butts and other hardware and wrapping specifications to meet your exact requirements. That is what we are all about-- giving you exactly what you want with no compromises!

We are proud to carry on a tradition of excellence which has now surpassed our 70th anniversary in the business.